Sivastatz™ is a company data and news platform / engine with some analytics features and this platform is developed for comprehensive company data gathering, mining alongside basic analysis. It is a tech-enabled platform based on a digitally powered architecture. The purpose of the website is to provide exclusive content to its users in the form of company data screens, market news, consensus data, company-specific news, and much more to make data-driven analysis. The platform provides a solution to simplify complex financial data of the companies as per popular themes such as dividends, profit, growth, momentum, etc. for diverse audiences. 

The company data screens are developed by in-house professionals and experts using relevant company data and selected financial or technical analysis parameters suited for specific themes/ concepts. The emphasis is primarily on the fundamental or technical screens to depict the data for appropriate companies for informed decision-making. The company data screens developed for this platform are easy to use and comprehensive, backed by an in-house developed technological framework. Notably, Sivastatz™ can be relevant to all categories of audiences, from stock market beginners to subject matter experts. The third-party ratings, price charts, custom filters, etc. provide a holistic view of a diverse set of companies’ data.

How do we deliver differently?

• Sivastatz™ caters to the core requirements of its target audiences for easy-to-use analytical tools that can provide data-driven insights for further study or due diligence.

• Seamless user experience and value-added products and services are delivered through technologies via a web platform.

The purpose is to provide better and evolved data solutions to customers to navigate through intricate information spread over the internet touching various landscapes, including but not limited to financial metrics, technical indicators, third-party ratings, stock price evolution, and economic and market news.  It is important to note that data and statistics provided via this platform are primarily based on the 'do-it-yourself' principle for target audiences and do not promote or endorse any investing principle or theory or stocks per se.